Premium SMS

Premium SMS is a quick and easy way for consumers to pay for services particularly if they do not have a credit card. Customers simply send A pre-set command to short code pay. This payment solution is great for marketing products offline on TV, radio, or in print. Consumers will be asked to send a keyword to a short code, which will be specifically set up for you, in order to start the billing process.

The consumer will be charged for every Premium SMS. The charges will be either applied to their phone bill or deducted from their phone credit.

What is a Shortcode?


short code

A short mobile phone number that has a single tariff and is used to send premium sms to or receive premium sms from

How does premium SMS work?


short code2

A consumer will send a sms to a shortcode or receive a sms from a shortcode and be charged a higher amount than a standard rate sms. The premium charge is called the sms shortcode tariff. In most countries there is a limit of one tariff per shortcode but in others multiple tariffs per shortcode is possible.

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