Carrier Billing

Carrier billing is a mobile payment service that allows users to purchase digital content and charge it to their mobile bill. The mobile payment option works with one-off, subscription and in-app payments and is available to both prepaid and post-paid customers.

With more and more content being consumed online this is one of the fastest developing phone payment solutions. It is very user friendly and available in a wide range of countries.

Advantages of carrier billing


Millions Consumers Connected

Payment is enabled in 37 countries, on smartphones, feature phones, desktop devices, tablets and Smart TVs



One-click Payment

Simple, fast and easy –
no obstacles,
no barriers
Boost Conversation

Boost Conversation

Consumers are not forced to sign, share personal data or fill out forms, payment on any device within seconds
Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

No personal data entry required at any stage of the purchase transaction, no payment fraud possible
Secure & Fraudless

Secure & Fraudless

Safely embedded in a regulated payment institute and a modern API architecture, both expanded by fraud monitoring