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With a population of approx 390,353 offers a great opportunity for phone billing. only around 10.72% of the population have access to a credit card but 100% of the population have a mobile phone. The biggest mobile provider in Belize is Digicel as the leading Mobile network second is Smart. Offering phone billing solutions. In this market we can help you reach 100% of your users and start  improving conversion rates today! Speak to one of our dedicated account managers how we can help you build new revenue stream in Belize with our Standard SMS.

How Phone Billing Solutions and SMS Marketing can help increase Conversions

Dani Ganick, General Manager at Total SMS, explains how phone billing solutions and SMS marketing can boost business and drive incremental revenues.

Today I wanted to explain how offering phone billing can help you convert more users and create new and stable revenue streams. Phone payments always have always had a bit of a reputation of only being billable at small one-off amounts, which is not the case, as phone payments have evolved a lot, especially in the last decade, and are able to process subscriptions as well as the billing of trials in most countries around the globe.

With the majority of content consumed on a mobile device these days, it is more important than ever to offer quick, secure and extremely user-friendly billing solutions to try and convert as many visitors as possible.

In addition to this, there are still many territories globally where credit and debit cards are not as abundant and the demand for any kind of alternative billing solution is very high. Looking back over the last few years we have especially seen significant growth in Asian, African and South American markets.

Here at Total SMS, a Mediatel company, we specialize in sourcing this kind of alternative solution globally in order to offer content providers additional options to convert more users and tap into new and previously unexplored markets. Working closely with a range of experienced and reliable partners including a range of mobile network operators, Total SMS can offer connectivity in almost 100 countries for Premium Rate billing services and global coverage for standard rate solutions.

No matter if your users are mainly based in Europe or the Americas, Africa or Asia, Total SMS can help you find the best workable solution to fit your billing needs.  

Innovative solutions
With innovative solutions based on charging consumers via various SMS or Voice methods you can truly enable 100 per cent of visitors to your sites with a way to pay, as they will only need to either make a call or send an SMS to pay.

But phone billing can not only be used for offering consumers an alternative to credit or debit card billing, it can also be used to opt in consumers for voting or competitions, and also, to start monetizing this kind of traffic.

Aside from the well-known carrier billing and premium SMS solutions that most people have likely heard of, Total SMS has also developed a very simple plug-and-play Standard SMS billing method that only requires the consumer to send in one single text message at the cost of an international SMS. It’s likely one of the quickest solutions to get set up and running, often with a same-day turnaround. This solution is especially suitable for monetizing voting or competition entries but also simple opt-ins to access low value mobile content.

SMS marketing
In addition to trying to help our clients convert more consumers by offering innovative and global billing solutions, we also try to always find new ways for our clients to be able to engage and connect with their consumers more and build long-lasting relationships. The latest addition in our ‘Engage & Connect’ mission is to now also offer solutions to promote your services to your consumers by utilizing SMS marketing.

With extremely competitive rates, we can offer an additional way to reach your consumers globally and get your message out to them. No matter if you want to push the latest promotion, a special offer or simply use SMS for notifications – SMS is a sure way to reach them every time!

SMS marketing has proven to convert better than social media or email marketing. Messages are delivered at lightning speed and have an average opening rate of 82 per cent (compared to email marketing which only has an opening rate of about 20 per cent, not to forget the many emails that get lost in junk mail folders).

Total SMS offers an easy-to-use platform, a wide range of features such as automatic processing of consumer opt outs, customizable opt in and opt out forms, a comprehensive campaign scheduling tool, and no setup fees. We even give you a bunch of test credits to try it out.

If you are not sure whether phone billing or SMS marketing is for you and how you could potentially benefit from it, why don’t we set up a call and have chat to see how we could help you monetize, engage and connect with your consumers more.

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Albania Phone Billing

With a population of approx 3 million people, offers a great opportunity for phone billing. Only around 6% of the population have access to a credit card, but 100% of the population have a mobile phone. The biggest mobile provider in Albania is Vodafone with a market share of approx 55 %, with the remainder split between One Telecommunications and ALBtelecom.

Offering various phone billing solutions in this market we can help you reach 100% of your users and start improving conversion rates today! Speak to one of our dedicated account managers how we can help you build a new revenue stream in Albania with our Standard SMS, Premium SMS and Carrier billing solution in Albania.